Saturday, October 29, 2011

Commenting Policy


I was hoping I would not have to make an authoritarian announcement like this one, but comments made in Daniel Levine’s post below have forced my hand. We strive to be egalitarian, inclusive, and serious here, and we want everyone to participate (including conservatives), but we won’t tolerate certain kinds of behavior:

  1. Don’t be an asshole. Keep your comments as polite and inclusive as possible.
  2. Don’t disparage philosophy. This is a blog for philosophers and people interested in philosophy.
  3. Don’t derail, hijack, or otherwise subvert the comments away from the topic of the post you are commenting on.
  4. No anti-semitic remarks will be tolerated.
  5. No racist language will be tolerated.
  6. No language oppressive to women will be tolerated.
  7. No language oppressive to the LGBTQ community will be tolerated.
  8. The comment section is not a place for you to endorse Social Darwinism.
  9. The comment section is not a place for you to proselytize for your religion.
  10. Don't be an asshole.

Really, if you just follow 1 and 10 we’ll all get along fine. If you violate any of these rules at anytime your post will be removed by myself or one of the other admins. Two violations, and you won’t be allowed to post again.