Sunday, October 30, 2011

Practical Stuff

So, talking about OWS is fun and all, but is anyone watching this on the ground with any of the protests? Everyone who can should, of course, respond to the call for hard-weather gear, but are there ways that philosophers can be better contributors to the movement, qua philosophers?  Teach-ins, reciting Platonic dialogues for entertainment, that sort of thing.


  1. Stuff is happening (see 99's recent response to my impassioned plea for more philosophical activism). Perhaps we could make this blog a kind of clearinghouse for these sorts of activities? Put up links and such?

  2. When we get migrated to the Word Site, we'll put up a "get involved" tab with links, tips, etc for direct action to support the movement.

  3. After the horrible weather here in New York yesterday, I went and dropped off eight blankets today at Occupy Wall Street. It’s extraordinary here Daniel! Most of the people doing all the work are kids, in their twenties and they are ORGANIZED! ORGANIIIIIIIIIZZZZED! No hierarchies, just one big RHIZOME (Ha! You have to read Deleuze and Guattari for that one)!

    Ironically, the movement has secured and indoor space, old bank office (HA!), at 52 Broadway (Two or so buildings down from where I use to work and got laid off three years ago as a researcher when the recession hit I might add!). This is key: we can keep a reserve of goods in a dry, warm space to distribute when the bad weather comes.

    My school has been very active: walkouts, write-ins, marches, participation in the general assembly, and I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the general strike but have no news yet.

    PLEASE! Anyone reading in New York drop off anything that helps get folks through the winter. This city’s government is counting on the weather to squash the occupation. But these young brave kids are storing up, gearing up, to bunker down and keep fighting. God (Spinoza’s God, that is) bless them!

    I will continue to make donations, but my time is better spent in the library, where I am, seven days a week, helping in my own way.

  4. Some of the local PhD students in philosophy are starting (hopefully weekly) workshops on Political Philosophy here at Occupy Lincoln, NE.