Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to the Police State

For the past few weeks the Occupation has been kept in the public-eye in large part thanks to the ongoing police pogrom being perpetrated against the peaceful  encampments of the movement. As we all know, thousands have been arrested in New York City alone, and hundreds more around the country have been subject to humiliation, gassing, intimidation, and outright physical violence at the hands of police operatives nation-wide.

But it appears that in the race to be the first to appease their worried plutocratic masters the Oakland Police department has shed all semblance of decency and humanity and opted instead for 700 police in riot-gear, tear gas, flash-bang grenades, and rubber bullets to respond to the dire threat that is a peaceful democratic community.

Having lived most of my life in the United States, where I was raised to believe sincerely in the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech, I have to admit that this unhinged and poorly planned reaction on the part of the sycophantic police-force of Oakland is not only deeply offensive, but utterly outrageous.

But the real outrage is that our police have not yet awakened to the realization of their true power. As long as they continue to serve the interests of the plutocrats, they will continue to be tools of oppression in the hands of callous and indifferent politicians and CEOs. But if they could be awakened, they would be a terrific addition to the movement.

I think we should make it a priority to reach out to police unions (where there are such) and to policeman's benevolent associations, and to policmen and women as individuals and implore them to join the vanguard of our movement. Imagine if those 700 police in riot gear had been met by 100 of their own? Would they have been so quick to terrorize the peaceful members of Occupy Oakland then?

And not just the police, we also need to reach out to returning war veterans. Perhaps march on V.A. Hospitals around the country, to tell them we appreciate their service to our country, and we need them to join with us in creating a better future.


  1. You exaggerate regarding the arrests in Oakland. You, like many other fellow travelers in the Occupy movement, do a disservice to the legitimate aims of trying to initiate fundamental changes in the legal, financial, and social systems. Get your facts straight.

  2. What did I "exaggerate Michael"?

    A. The use of 700 police in riot gear? Check.
    B. The use Flash-bang grenades? Check.
    C. The Use of tear gas? Check.

    Here are the details from an eyewitness from Occupy Oakland


    Have thousands been arrested NYC alone? Check (over 700 were arrested in NYC by October 5th, the number is now well over 1,000).

    Have hundreds more around the country been arrested for peaceful occupation? Check, 275 have been arrested @ Grant Park in Chicago alone.

    Have the police placed the interests of the plutocracy ahead of the people? Check.

    Have the police become tools of oppression of the 99%? Check.

    So once again, what "facts" have I exaggerated, precisely?