Sunday, October 30, 2011

’Tis the season for Justice!

That is, a Rawls virtual reading group. In light of all the Rawlsian interest (or, okay, I was planning this anyway), I’ll be facilitating a Rawls reading group on the SFSU philosophy blog.

We will have Tuesday and Thursday reading “deadlines,” and I will be posting on Wednesdays and Fridays in the dreamy hope that others will be similarly inspired.

The supplementary texts are:

  • Justice as Fairness
  • The Cambridge Companion to Rawls
  • Rawls (Routledge Philosophers series), Freeman
  • Reading Rawls, Ed. Daniels
Two optional critiques:

  • Understanding Rawls, Wolff
  • Justice, Gender and the Family, Okin

The first reading for Tuesday is posted on the blog: TJ (2nd ed.), Sections 1-4. See also the supplementary readings for this week. A finalized schedule will be posted soon.

It will also extend into next semester (and beyond?) as we move from TJ into PL and some critiques. I definitely want to eventually cover at least Nozick, Sandel, Kymlicka, Taylor, Cohen, Murphy, Beitz, and Pogge. Other suggestions welcome. I was going to structure the reading load roughly equivalent to a class, but am open to reducing it down. I will not “assign” reading over winter break, so those of you that can't commit now will have the opportunity to “catch up” quickly.


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